Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pet - student project

It's 10PM on Sunday and you're trying to prepare for your Monday morning lesson but are not satisfied with the same old material that has begun to tinge with yellow from aging in your "ideas" binder.  You're tired and want to call it a night, but you know that the first class sets the precedent.  You want something engaging, something new...

If you're a teacher you know this dilemma all too well.  Ever the procrastinator myself, I propose a quick fix!  One I like to call the Teacher's Pet.

This is to be a fun and simple resource for teachers of every subject who are scrapped for ideas (and time).  This app will provide a plethora of current topics and some suggested activities.  Teachers can simply choose a subject and difficulty level, and then be able to scroll through different topics, hopefully spurring new ideas. If you're like me, sometimes it just takes that one headline and you can envision your entire lesson plan.

For teachers of general education or ESL, there will be a 'shake' feature to draw a topic at random.

How will the ideas be generated, you ask?

I want to generate ideas via current news feeds (in every area, from business to pop culture to physics...) to keep everything topical, as well as have some tried-and-true classroom ideas from teacher's forums or other educational websites.  I would also like the input to be interactive, so that users can upload resources they have found helpful.  This would help to expand the range of topics and activities, as well as offer an easy-access platform for teachers to share ideas.

--------- having some technical (harddrive-related) difficulties at the moment, but I will update once my Mac is up and running again --------

Please stay tuned and keep the feedback, comments, inputs, ideas, and encouragement coming!


Ashley Dentremont

ESL Teacher and Videographer