As an educator with five years experience teaching, I know I've only scratched the surface in terms of what's possible in education. Still, I've seen some amazing things happen for my kids and my school in this short time. We've moved schools four times (just imagine boxing up textbooks and science equipment for 90 kids in Connecticut, in December), integrated new technologies like iPads and Googledocs, and established monthly field trips to places like the BODIES exhibition NYC. 

But now, I'm ready to start instilling change in how education gets done. I've left my job and travelled for the past 9 months to see a bit more of the world, and I've received a clearer view of the world as a result. I know I need to gain more experience to hone my skills as a teacher, and to be "taken seriously" by the establishment. So for my next job, I'm looking for a school that values social justice and innovation in education, one where I can spread my wings a bit more without such a strong fear of failure. But how do I find that ideal school, and how do I get them to remember me so that they might think of me when there's an opening? Or perhaps even make an opening?


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