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To have the best experience using Skillshare, we recommend that you use one of these supported browsers. - You have the ability to change someone's life, even your own. - Jen Bradshaw is all about helping teachers and students. is an educational website dedicated to providing teachers with learning strategies and inspirations to create an amazing learning environment for their students.  My quote, my vision:  You have the ability to change someone's life, even your own.

1.  What is marketing for?  

For my business, marketing is the act of telling a story to educators.  Teachers want to hear my story when it is authentic and connects to their classroom.  I expect that when teachers relate and believe to what I say, they pass that information on.

2.  What are we allowed to touch?  

Since I write my blog, create the educational materials I sell and well, basically do everything on my own, there are certain things that I have the ability to touch.  But, I can't touch the state or national standards that teachers are required to teach.

3.  What can we as marketers measure?

I can measure individual testing data from classrooms that use my products.  I can measure the gained reading levels and student success.... in numbers.  Luckily I have formed personal connections with many teachers and have access to classroom data.

4.  What can we change?

I can change how teachers...

  • connect with their students
  • plan reading instruction
  • create assessments
  • approach comprehension strategies

5.  What promises are you going to make?

I will promise teachers that educational products will...

  • go home at a reasonable time each day with my editable yet thorough lessons
  • reduce learning time with research based reading strategies
  • engage students with hands-on activities and fun learning 
  • impress principals with current and research based teaching practices

6.  What's the hard part?

The hard part is...

  • convincing teachers that my methods will make a difference in their classrooms
  • proving to teachers that if they follow the plans, they will save personal time
  • working with teachers that are unfamiliar with current teaching practices (out of date thinking)
  • encouraging teachers to "whole-ass" my plans, not "half-ass" them

7.  Should your organization be making  trends or following trends?

For Teacher KARMA, I have to do a little bit of both.  What I mean by this is that I have to constantly look at educational research and then create new products, webinars, articles, etc. that use these current strategies and ways of thinking.  I enjoy setting the trend for creating my products.  Some things I have done in the past are.... students creating memes to practice fact and detail, correcting grammar of celebrity tweets, etc.

8.  Where is the risk?

The risk teachers take when purchasing or buying into the concept that I am selling is pretty huge. Teachers are risking their student's current and future success by using my products and methodology.  If what I tell them is the truth, kids will suffer.

9.  Who is in charge?

I am in charge of everything.  Literally everything.  Yikes.

10.  Marketers spend money.  Where are you spending money?  What is it for?

I spend money on the following:

  • a company that pin's my products and articles to Pinterest and Facebook
  • Adobe products to create my own ads
  • Opt-in Monster
  • MailChimp for newsletters

11.  How should you be spending your time?

Since I am an experienced teacher, I am a great planner.  I spend my time:

  • planning 
  • connecting with my tribe
  • nurturing my tribe
  • creating content
  • getting my content out into the world


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