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Teacher Creature

Here's my ink blot monster. She's from the 70s, she's ugly, and she's mean (and I'm a French teacher myself, so no offense to teachers! : )

I tried regular printer paper, but the ink was just seeping through right away, so I used bristol instead (and got paper anxiety!). I didn't have an air canister, but I used a thin ballpoint cartridge that I cut into a straw. I blew through that, and the result wasn't too bad. I made a few different ones, such as this one, but finally went with the "hands" blot.


I was definitely seeing arms and hands in the ink, but I had to try the head a few times to get it "right". Then I added a body, legs, and a mini dress with a 70s theme, which I think adds to the weirdness of the character. She's getting mad at a student who just told her France was located in the Indian Ocean (yes, that's a real one from my college-level French class!).



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