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Teacher Class Projects

The french fries were a little time consuming due to the shape of the container and having to duplicate each shape to create the shading/shadow effect.  But I think they turned out great! They look good enough to eat to me!  LOL


The Hamburger is my favorite!  It wasn't as hard as it looks.  Layering the shape is really what takes the most time, but once you've created your design, it's worth it! 


The sushi was pretty easy too.  Just simple shapes that are layered with various shapes and colors.  I should have given the roll with rice on the outside a bit of shading. I realize now it doesn't have an outline to it's shape.  A bit of gray would work well to add dimension. 


The donut and the cinnamon roll were super easy.  They're just rounded rectangles and circles. And the icing on the cinnamon roll is one of the speech bubble overlays that's been manipulated. 



Okay, enough food.  My tummy's about to pop!! LOL My person graphic is made up of a variety of shapes and overlays.  It might look complicated, but play around with it and see what you can come up with.  It's lots of fun.  They can range from simple to complex depending upon what you add to the shapes. 






I got a kick out of my paired graphic.  Well, I thought it was funny.  I realized after I'd made the images that I should've had the mustard on the left side.  Oh well, you live, learn, and create!  



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