S.M. Shivakumar

Chartered Accountant



Teach your kids DIY skills in a fun way

Contrary to popular belief, the main reason for DIY is not (or should not be) about saving money. While this is possible in many cases (and especially against 'top of the line' commercial products), there are other, far better reasons to do it yourself.

The main one is knowledge, new skills, and the enormous feeling of satisfaction that comes from building your own equipment. This is worth far more than money. For younger people, the skills learned will be invaluable as you progress through life, and once started, you should continue to strive for making it yourself wherever possible.

Each and every new skill you learn enables the learning processes to be 'exercised', making it easier to learn other new things that come your way.



Share you DIY project photo in the project area. It will be helpful for all the students.





INTRODUCTION VIDEO - https://youtu.be/u3xtU7Sva8U


PUBLISHED CLASS - [Free link] http://skl.sh/297LGyv, [premium link]- http://skl.sh/296CPNu



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