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Tea of the Empress

I decided to redeisign a box of thea that I have called "Tea at the Empress". I wanted to change the name to "Tea of the Empress" and play up British Imperialsm. I was going to make the box look like a vintage tin that one would have found during the height of Imperialism.

Here are my preliminary sketches as well as my mood board.

 I came up with a few different sketches for the top of the box. I really like the 3rd option the best so I am going to go with that one. 

Now I am going to resketch my 3rd design and try and get something more finalized that I like, from there I will go an digitalize it.


I redrew my favoite and then went over it in pen and brought it into the computer. I still think it needs some work. I may go back and add a pattern to the border. As well as add some texture to make it more coheasive but for now I have been looking at this for way to long so I need to step away and come back to it. 


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