Sarah Gebauer

I make accessible user interfaces and webcomic



Tea leaf monster

I admit that I am a bit addicted to bergamot in earl grey and this morning I found out that my box with is almost empty again.


I used the tea plant as my reference because it would be easier for Tea leaf monster (TLM) to hide in tea leaves. The problem was movement. How would TLM move? My first idea were legs but I had no idea how to connect them. So stem it was.


After couple of more sketches I realized that it would be better if TLM didn't have the stem because it can fly and glide and the upper limbs should be a bit bigger. Also switching to color pencils helped a lot.


Tea Leaf Monster, the only monster which will keep your rare teas fresh and tasty. (I don't know why Skillshare didn't save the last picture when I included it)


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