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Tea doesn't ask stupid guestions, tea understands

We are living in the highly speedy world, so that in order to drink tea with your soulmate you need to "book" him beforehand. Otherwise, there is always a risk that you'll spend your evening alone reading book, that you have recently bought. The good news was that i suddenly remembered about my not finished project on skillshare and decide to share this amazing tea by means of pictures. :)

If I was appointed to describe this tea, I would say:

"Tea doesn't ask stupid guestions, tea understands".


Your friend come to you and say that she's pregnant. You calm her down and suggest discuss it over a cup of tea.


Your start-up partner invite you for a tea to say that you made a great job and got first investors who believes in the project!


Then you're shared the news that her boyfriend finally propose her and you plan to celebrate it in a bachelorette, but first... Let us to drink a tea!



Tea is more than just a drink. It is the friend which is with you "through thick and thin".


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