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Tea and Panettone

Hi, this is my submission for the contest, although I think I should have posted the photos a bit earlier. Nevertheless, it was a really enjoyable project, and the class made me think a bit more about the food photos I take; it's not just about capturing the food as a thing, but also letting the images express a distinctive mood and atmosphere. 

I’ve been trying to make some time to capture the photos for this project, but I live in Argentina, and we’re in the middle of summer, and to me summer tea really means a bottle of water or a glass of cold milk and a bad mood… and it is really not the best scenario to take some photos!

I took these a couple of days ago when the temperature wasn’t so high and I was not melting away in the heath. I saw this as an opportunity to really enjoy my afternoon tea, with a bit of milk. No sugar. And a portion of homemade "pan dulce" left from the holidays (pan dulce = panettone, sorry I don’t know the correct name in english).

To me, this moment of the day means that a have a few minutes to disconnect from whatever I am working on, and to stop rushing and just enjoy and savor the drink, the food, the calm.

My keywords towards this project were: homemade, vintage, calm and tradition.

The photos were taken with a reaaally old compact digital camera, a Sony DSC-P93. I have it since 2005, I think. I also took photos with an iPod, but I like these better.

This is my first project ever in Skillshare. Any comments or critiques regarding composition, post production, the choice for the final photos or whatever, are very very welcome.


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