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Tea & Two Slices

I live in a rainy city (Vancouver, British Columbia) and have a big south facing window in my apartment. It makes for some great light on weekend mornings and afternoons. I follow a restricted diet due to health issues, but as an avid former baked goods devotee, I enjoy finding creative ways to recreate the carb-dense indulgences that can make or break rainy afternoons.

Arriving home craving something warm and sweet after a recent drizzly post-lunch seaside walk with a good friend, I threw on my apron and got to work whipping up these dead easy maple syrup-sweetened plantain pancakes. Fried in coconut oil and served with a pot of homemade coconut whipped cream to dollop on top anda locally-roasted espresso made in my trusty stovetop coffee pot for good measure! The light was so idyllic and everything looked so lovely once I'd laid it all out on my coffee table (which is basically just an old steamer trunk) that I put everything on hold to take a few shots. I'm pretty chuffed with how they turned out!


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