Tea Time

Tea Time - student project

The little round Beehouse teapots that I use everyday were my inspiration. I also included tea cups and lace doilies.

My sketch inked.

Tea Time - image 1 - student project

Had to try a couple of markers before I found one that didn't bleed.

Tea Time - image 2 - student project

Selected out in Photoshop.

Tea Time - image 3 - student project

My first try was on grey and I think a little too cluttered.

Tea Time - image 4 - student project

Then I went on to try different colored backgrounds.

Tea Time - image 5 - student project

Had to try a pink one!

Tea Time - image 6 - student project

Decided to simplify by taking out a number of elements in this last attempt and create more of a grid.

I have little lines when I created a screenshot. But when printed and enlarged didn't show up. Not sure what caused that.

Tea Time - image 7 - student project

Thanks for a great class Jenn! So happy to bring watercolor into Illustrator.

Jean Ruth
illustrator and designer