Tea Profiler App

Tea Profiler App - student project

Description of App:

I am designing a tool that helps you remember what you've experienced and learned about the teas you've tasted over time, and ultimately aids in a more informed tea buying experience.

The main purpose of this tool is to provide a way to catalog and store profile information on teas. compare teas from different years, regions, suppliers and to allow foodies and connoisseurs the means to create a lexicon of experience and understanding of tea to share with others.


1) Ipad/Tablet, 2) Mobile Phone, 3) Desktop/Web-based 4) printed book

Key Audience

Tea shop owners, tea buyers, tea connoisseurs, foodies


For tea collectors and  connoisseurs develope flavor profile/palette comparison.

Tea tasters/retail users quality prod standards between harvests, suppliers
Retailers: Eductional informational tool to help eucate customers, employees and assist with buying and quality control.

Tea connosserus/foodies: share their expereince of tea and promote their learned knowledge with their peers.

uEX goals 

Quick interface to capture notes about the tea and create a tea library.
Ease of record look up, most salient information summerized for quick view
robust record search
Different list views, abiility to set preferences on lists

Proposed Features
User entered tea records on a tea over time: harvest changes (Image, audio and text based records)
tracking flavor notes, overall rating and suppliers for a given tea

Record export for uploading into product database or for automated content refreshes (Tea retailer sites, food blogs)

Tea Profile range- quick view graph of main flavor notes

Tea preparation notes

Current Tea App market:
Tea Apps currently are focused more on preparation and histry, less on tasting notes and building flavor profiles. Cosumer level user.

Similar Apps:

Wine inventory tracker


I've sent a Survey out to my test group but am awaiting their input.

Some Rudimentary Key Screen Wireframes

Tea Record Detail

List View


Prefrence settings