Tea & Nice Winter Scenes

Tea & Nice Winter Scenes - student project

Liz, thanks for the lovely class! You're one of my faves. I like how you always say things like "do what works best for your personal style." It's basically "I'm not going to tell you what to do. I'M A COOL MOM." You give the tips, and then you release us into the wild to explore. 


I started out getting ready for winter:

Tea & Nice Winter Scenes - image 1 - student project

When my husband saw me working on this, he said "what're you drawing?" and I replied, "chickadees in a nice winter scene." 

Now he incorporates "nice winter scene" into our conversations.
"The leaves are almost done falling. The backyard will soon be a nice winter scene."
"Should we get a tree this year? I'd like our house to be a nice winter scene."

He's a cute boy, so I let these things ride.

Digression complete.

Here's some tea:

Tea & Nice Winter Scenes - image 2 - student project

Tea is a cozy thing to drink during nice winter scenes.