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TeXtnik typsetting’s freelancer manifesto

(update 2016-01-11)


I am a physicist who loves typesetting beautiful books.  I want to establish myself as a freelancer composing and typesetting book for individuals or publishers (http://textnik.github.io/). 

I entered the world of typography and book composition,  throughout the system I use to format my documents: LaTeX (www.latex.org).  It is a free source program designed for the typsetting of technical documents (with lots of math), but capable of typesetting almost any kind of documents. One of its features is it professional level typographic quality and that it works generating final documents from plain text files; which allows to automatise the process (it is completely programable) of generating different documents (pdf, epub, …) from the same manuscript.

What you’re good at

I am a physicist and work as such in a research center, so therefore, I consider myself good at research and analysing problems analytically. I think I am intelligent and hard worker.


During time, I have develop a delight for typographic detail and a big knowledge about text composition and typography.

How you want to be spending your days

I like, mostly, to work inside, sitting in front of the computer programming to produce nice books. I also would like to show my work to others and try to expand the user base of the tools I use.

What you want to produce

I want to produce beautiful books; either in print form or ebooks.

How others will benefit from working with you

I made streamline the workflow of producing different versions of a book; or paper or electronic books. I can help in doing this work as automatic as possible, trying to maintain as high typographic quality as possible.

.. and how you’ll make them know about your services

At the moment I have a simple website with a small portfolio of some composition projects and a list of services (http://textnik.github.io/). When I finished some more side projects, I plan to rebuild a proper website and include social media tools to communicate my services.

I also plan to create a local user group of LaTeX, that may help to contact with people of similar interests in typesetting.


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