Taylor's Digital Poster/Artivism

Taylor's Digital Poster/Artivism - student project

Taylor's Digital Poster/Artivism - image 1 - student project

I have so many ideas for doing this kind of digital poster for someone I know and love - struggled a bit to figure out how to do one that suited Artivisim... And struggled a bit with software/technology, but I finally figured out a way to make it work. I'm so pleased with it, I have to admit.

I've been so impressed with Lebron James, especially during these extraordinary times. His work to promote and help voting and voters is inspirational. And it didn't hurt when he MVPd the Finals for the NBA this year either.

(Is it okay for me to post this picture publicly? I just pulled a photo off the internet that worked for the class project, but I don't have any official rights to use the photo - not that I would be selling it or anything... Just not quite sure how the rules/laws work in a case like this. Any guidance would be much appreciated!)