Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts

Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts - student project


Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts - image 1 - student project

I struggled with this one. Finally had to allow myself to be honest about what my main obsession is right now. After listening to the final segments of Dylan's class, it seems even more appropriate if I'm thinking of this as a time-capsule for this moment. I realize now I should have included a mask somewhere - pretty obsessed with masks right now, too! I hope everyone is able to stay safe, healthy, and sane as we slog through the rest of 2020. Best wishes to all!



Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts - image 2 - student project

One of my favorite easy, quick, healthy go-to recipes made possible by the most important ingredient: my Instant Pot! Today I tried to worry less about whether my art was any good and just tried to enjoy the process and think of it as a journal entry for myself... And I had fun.



Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts - image 3 - student project

Hmmm. I'm not happy with the lettering on the packaging. I'm not very good at lettering generally, so it would have taken me a very long time to try to do a better job, and I decided speed was more important. Well, I got it done. "Done is better than perfect" - at least for some projects!



Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts - image 4 - student project

Decided to go for the whole corner instead of laying out the items. Felt rushed, but I was deliberately trying to work faster today. I'm enjoying the process, but I'm spending a lot of time, and I worry that I won't keep up with a daily practice if I can't speed things up a bit. LOL



Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts - image 5 - student project

Since I had used a lot of non-fresh groceries for the Day 5 prompt, I decided to limit these images to produce and dairy... These were a lot of fun. Really need to do my prompt label lettering with more confidence - at the least! 



Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts - image 6 - student project

My proportions got out of control, but I managed to fit in everything I'd listed in preparation... If I think about it, I have a tendency to complicate more than simplify. But! I think I was more creative with my images here. Still taking a pretty good chunk of time to do it. (I also had to take a long break between watching the session and preparing and actually putting it on the page - such is life these days.)



Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts - image 7 - student project

I fudged the "real" colors on things a lot - hard to draw detail on black clothes with markers. For me, anyway. I still have so much to learn about using markers. And really need to get better markers, too. But it's a fun exercise to draw something every day - need to pick up my speed, but I'm sure practice will get me there. (Used white gel pen to put in the polka dots on the navy blue culottes.)



Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts - image 8 - student project

It wasn't food for me; not this time. I'm pleased and disappointed. Wish I drew better. Wish my markers were better - colors, well, whatever. I finally added a lighter orange and purple to the orange, blue, green, and gray (and black) I started with. Of course, some of my "grumpiness" may just be related to how much I crave and miss the things included...



Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts - image 9 - student project

This came out okay, I guess. Not as happy with how it turned out as I am for Day 5. I mean, it looks like an Oompa Loompa reading is the news feeds on my phone!! Hilarious.  At least, I'm now caught up and back on track!



Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts - image 10 - student project

I'm pretty happy with this one. I wonder if it's because I do better with messy stuff? LOL...



Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts - image 11 - student project

Rushed this one a day late (life, am I right?) and still haven't caught up. Worst so far - certainly least interesting. Didn't leave enough space around images for words... Oh well. Limited to 2 colors plus black!



Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts - image 12 - student project

My best one so far, I think. Managed to limit it to three colors, plus black...



Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts - image 13 - student project

I, obviously, have so much to learn in order to make these better. And I'm barely knowledgeable about using the marker brush pens I have. Of course, I guess that's why I'm taking the class: to learn! 


DAY ONE: Taylor's 14 Days of Prompts - image 14 - student projectFirst attempt at this creative journaling, and I will admit that being "fast" may take some time. And I will also admit I'm nervous about exposing my political leanings in these divisive times... But I'm pleased and looking forward to continuing! Will add additional days here, if that's possible - or create new projects to upload?!? I'll figure it out!