Taylored by Hand - Instagram

Taylored by Hand - Instagram - student project

I setup my Insta account a few weeks ago to promote my art and products. I haven't gotten a lot of traction yet, but I also haven't had tons to post yet. Trying to go slow and steady and find the right followers organically.

I have updated my profile per your recommendations, and decided upon my content pillars. Those are: Illustrations / Products for Sale / Hye Life (Hye is a small Texas town where I have a vacation home...I love it there so much!)

I have been using Hashtags, and I get some likes and comments from them, but I feel like I could be doing better with those...just not sure how to do that yet. Maybe when I have more content, that engagement will increase.

Instagram Stories is something I haven't tried at all yet (as you'll see). This is my next project!

Here is my insta link: https://www.instagram.com/taylored_by_hand/

Thanks for the great class!


Melissa Taylor
✨Web & Graphic Designer 20+ Years✨