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Taylor Wadsworth Photography branding

I am creating a wordmark and visual identity for my friend Taylor Wadsworth's photography. She has a site that she did in a class but hasn't done much else. Her talent is so far above the quality of the visuals she had, I'm super excited to be giving her that.

Here's her current site: http://wonderlensphoto.wix.com/wonderlens-site

Theabove image is the moodboard I compiled after researching her business and where she wants to take it. She is super laid-back and has a genuine interest in the well-being of her clients, and I want her brand to reflect that. Her brand, in summary, is Fun, Happy, and Bright.

Below are my initial sketches to get familiar with the letterforms:

Trying out scripts with a brush pen and in all lower-case:

By this point I started really loving how the cross on the 't' in 'Wadsworth' could fill in some of the space between the two words when they were stacked. I also decided that using capitals for the first letters would be beneficial since I know that later we will have places where we (like Mackey's project) want to use the capital letter only. I still wanted to find a better fitting 'T' though:

I liked the more feminine structure of the middle, penciled version:

FInally I started getting places: the "T" in the top left version was a winner I wanted to pursue. I also liked the calligraphic style of the lower right version:

And here is the one I really noodled on the most trying to get a suiting "W" to go with that "T":


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