Tayete ' fantasy carrier beast

There's an illustration i have in my mind since some time ago, a group of orcs advance no through a trailer in the mountains, with a beast that carries all their loads, weapons and tools.

Now it is time to create the beast.


I completed the first lesson and did the keyword brainstorming for my orcs ' beast. 


Completed the 2nd lesson. Some thumbnails created and a more defined image appears in my mind: if it is going to be a mountain animal it has to be really hairy. Long threads of hair in fact. Also it has to be a herbivore, and a bit dumb or submissive (orcs have no patience to deal with their animals).

I selected the head of one of the shilouettes, the body of another one and the back of a third one and started to add and erase some detail. At the end, here is the final result which I'll refine tomorrow:

Carrier's sketches by Tayete


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