Tatu-Bola | Skillshare Projects

Fernanda Navilli

Graphic Designer




Hey there!

When I saw that we had to choose an animal, the tatu-bola was the first thing in my mind. During my childhood I loved to go to my family farm to see how funny these animals were while running and turning into balls! The other reason it is because the tatu-bola is an endangered species from Brazil.

The purpose of this assignment is to create a funny poster.

These are my first drafts, studying its texture, forms, environment and other curious details :) 


I believe a lot of people don't know how this buddy looks like so this is a picture of the Tatu-Bola.


Soon I will upload the Brainstorming and Thumbnails skecthes! I am going to start working on it this week.

Comments are always welcome <3

Thanks, Fe


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