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Jon Brommet

Graphic Designer



Tattooed Whale

Step 1: Your Reference Images & Inspiration

I've put together a Sticker board on Pinterest you can check out here.
Here is a small screen capture of it:


Step 2: Your Favourite Sticker

You can find reference images for this on Instagram @StickerApp or at

I've never had such a hard time picking my favourite in past classes. StickerApp has teamed up with some of my favourite artists and this was a really tough choice. Something about this Simpsons X Ghost Busters mashup designed by Thumbs1 is too awesome!


Step 3: Your Rough Sketch

Feel free to post your sketch as rough as you want. I usually start with a sketch that takes less than 10 seconds to draw. I just want to get what I'm thinking on paper right away so I can move on to the next concept. Currently, I've switched over my drawing to ProCreate on the iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. I love it!


Step 4: Your Final Sticker Design

Here is my final design. You can see that in some ways it changed a ton from my sketch, but that is okay! This design was drawing entirely in ProCreate and then I live traced it in Illustrator to set it up for print. I essentially used the same method I would if I drew it on paper first. For this design, I decided to forget about nice clean vector lines and just leave it with that fun hand drawn style.


My Final Sticker:

Of course I don't expect you guys to post this. But I figured you'd like to see the final sticker from StickerApp. These were printed on chrome vinyl. I used a white underlay underneath the light blue and black so the chrome wouldn't show through on those areas. Instead you can only see the chrome shine through the dark blue tattoos. It gives the sticker a really unique look and I couldn't be more pleased with the end result.


Don't forget to check out my website at or follow me on Instagram @JonBrommet  to see my newest designs and illustrations!


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