Tatooine Star Wars

Tatooine Star Wars - student project

For this project, I did a fictional location since my hometown has been done several times already.

The shot from Star Wars I used as a reference:
Tatooine Star Wars - image 1 - student project








My process developing the word mark. I wanted to include the two suns, the hut and the tower in the logo.

Tatooine Star Wars - image 2 - student project


The final product. I went with the following palette to represent a sunset on Tatooine.

Background: C20 M50 Y50 K0 
Wordmark: C70 M70 Y50 K70 
Red sun: C0 M80 Y60 K0 
Yellow sun: C0 M10 Y50 K0

Tatooine Star Wars - image 3 - student project