Tatiana, the Ancient Roman Architecture Student

Tatiana, the Ancient Roman Architecture Student - student project

Hello, I am Iuliana and as project for your Skillshare Class I present you: 

Tatiana, the Ancient Roman Architecture Student

When you mentioned in your class to draw a character that could be taken from past or future and put into Calvin's world, my head jumped immediately to Ancient Rome and since Calvin's setting is a high-school, I thought of a young woman aspiring to become an Architecture student in her own world, but her dream not being fulfilled since Calvin sucked her prematurely from ancient times to current before she could even start her first classes. 

This is the mood board I gathered for Tatiana, mostly how her hair and silhouette would be. 

Tatiana, the Ancient Roman Architecture Student - image 1 - student project

From this is started penciling some ideas in pink, instead of blue, because I don't like how blue looks on slightly yellow paper. It doesn't show up so clearly though. I started off with a rough sketch of her body and how her clothes would fit her, clothes which she'd have to stop wearing at one point, I believe since they are too cumbersome. 

I tried sketching different hair styles, with bun, loose, with a 3 ribbon bandana, and settled on the 3 ribbons, but loose curly shoulder length hair. 

Her skin is slightly darker, she has medium brown hair and pretty hair clippings made from artificial textile flowers. When I made her school uniform, I put a belt around her waist to imitate the belt she would wear in her original dress, gave her sandals and considering long foot length skirts would look off with a sweater, I gave her bell bottom pants. 

Tatiana, the Ancient Roman Architecture Student - image 2 - student project

When it came to testing out the character, I had done 2 expressions before in the previous sheet, but wanted to see how she'd look like from different angles with various expressions.

I imagine she's a very conscientious character, loves studying and doing her best, being very proud of her ideas and wanting to do whatever it takes to prove herself. Doesn't get discouraged easily and would do more shady things in order to learn what she wants. 

Being in the modern times would be a bit of a shock for her at first, but when she sees the resources and tools available to her, she'd be super absorbed in learning architecture in our time, being the least interested of Calvin's "captures" to return to her own time.  

I have the expression "caught stealing" on the Testing Character sheet because I just thought it would be really fun :>

Tatiana, the Ancient Roman Architecture Student - image 3 - student project

And for my final presentation I did a watercolor painting, showing off her colors and her features more concisely than in the Brainstorming Process. I give her a faintly colored Roman setting in the background which I painted in muted colors so her vivid colors could stand out.

Tatiana, the Ancient Roman Architecture Student - image 4 - student project

Tatiana, the Ancient Roman Architecture Student - image 5 - student project

I am very happy with how Tatiana turned out. 

The project has been very engaging and fun to do and I hope you like my character design as much as I do.

M. Iuliana
Traditional/ Digital Artist