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Lidija Paradinovic Nagulov

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Tasty Collage Experiment

I loved the class so I used the first chance I got to run out and buy some fruit and veggies at the nearby market. It wasn't an amazing selection but I did score some fun things that would be both pretty for the collage and tasty for the dinner afterwards. 

The main issue I ran into is not having a sufficiently large white surface. I ended up upending one of my kitchen cabinets and pulling out one of the white shelves. I could have worked on my wood grain textured kitchen table but I thought it would look unbearably cheesy. 

Issue no. 2 was a lack of good light. This was one of the many times in life when I wished I knew a photographer whose studio I could sneak into for a brief spell. 

I had an idea of lighting the transparent fruit (like the grapefruits and pomello) from below and getting an interesting effect that way, but it proved too tricky logistically. Maybe if I dream up some good setup for doing that I can give it another whirl. 

The first piece I did was this:

You can sort of tell that I wasn't really into it yet, my colors are all over the place and all the shapes are round. I used almonds and dried lavender flowers for the details, but the color of the lavender doesn't really come through sadly. The beet slices were also perhaps too dark considering the lack of light.

I did improve it a bit in post, but I still wasn't over the moon with how it came out:

I bravely went on to piece no. 2. I possibly could have made a more fun layout if I had included greater variety on the board, but the real estate wasn't so large so it limited what I could do in terms of larger or more interesting pieces. So I decided to focus on smaller things and tried to work out a better palette for the second attempt. I had gotten one giant pomello and thought it might make a fun centerpiece. 

I was far happier with this one. The shiitake mushrooms and the fisalis shells gave the layout some much needed dynamics. The pomello slice worked well in the spotlight. I decided to put red onion rings around some of the lime slices to add visual interest, and to pair the black beans so they're not just scattered about. This was the final version, after post:

Maybe I overdid it on the saturation a little bit, some of those limes are looking kind of radioactive.

My final attempt was made with the idea of getting away from circular shapes. Since I didn't have much I could cut into things that aren't circular, I decided to go for half-circles and crescents. The little pomegranates I got served as nice focal points, and I laid out the almonds directionally so they resemble raindrops. Or something. 

I liked how it turned out, but I think no. 2 is still my favorite. One thing I concluded is that I'd definitely need better logistics in order to pull off more fun pieces. Also a trip to a larger market in the hope of scoring some leafy and flowery things, which would make this way more fun to look at. This is the final version:

All in all I had a ton of fun, and the dinner afterwards was pretty awesome too - super fresh :) 


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