Tassos Label Design

Tassos Label Design - student project

Tassos Label Design - image 1 - student projectTassos Label Design - image 2 - student projectTassos Label Design - image 3 - student project

For this project I chose to do my label design on Tassos Olive Oil, it's one of many olive oils that are on the market.  In the first set of photo shows the Tassos Olive Oil brand, it has a rather dull design and could use some more creativity to enhance the appearance of the product. The second mood board consists of vintage olive oil label that were popular back then and I selected these classic labels because the style never seems to be outdated, we see these styles on many Olive Oil products that are still on the shelves.  The third mood board shows greek patterns and mosaics which I plan to incorporate in my design since the Olive Oil that I selected is a greek brand.

Tassos Label Design - image 4 - student project

Tassos Label Design - image 5 - student project

These are a set of my sketches for the Tassos Olive Oil brand.  They took a long time to create, edit and scan.  The first sketch I explored the logo.  The original logo was very boring but to keep within the Greek identity of the brand, I explored using at least one Greek letter which is the 'a' and tried to incorporate it into the typography.  I sketched serif typefaces, sans - serif typefaces, slab serifs even scripted type.  I also used the Greek key lock which is common in Greek art and design in the center of the 'O' and'A'.

The second set of sketches consist of some drawings of olives, olive branches, trees and also an olive oil droplet.  I sketched five different label designs for my project.  I used classical styles because these are common designs but hopefully they can be updated to make it modern.  I tried mosaic styles but I am not sure if that would work and be a successful design.  I utilized all the different patterns and styles that were on my initial moodboards.

I would like to get some feed back on my sketches, it would be appreciated.  In the meantime I will proceed with the final design.