Task#1 : My least favourite Person

My Perspective


As I walked into the coffee shop, the first thing that hit me was the strong smell of the coffee topped with mouthwatering sights of those freshly baked buns, lined up in perfection. Visiting this shop was always in my bucket list. Finally I made up my mind to tick it off my list.

The coffee shop had a pleasant early European décor with light sea green and white coloured wooden tables and chairs scattered here and there. As I was looking for a place to sit and have the long awaited cup of coffee with my favourite bun, my eyes met hers.

Of all I could not have expected to see her in this place. Our eyes met and I was hesitant for a second to smile. We shared a love hate relationship. As usual she was busy taking selfies to be posted in her various social media handle, just to let the whole world know where she had been and what she did in the day.




Her Perspective


I am sitting with my favourite coffee shop, enjoying the hot latte with my girls, in perfectly teamed up blue jeans and white t shirt, which by the way is today’s theme for our day out. The coffee is amazing, and so are the cakes. I could get some inspiration of cake designs I could use in my baking. This is will definitely increase my market value.

As I was contemplating about all these, suddenly my eyes met with her. Of all I saw her, Miss “I Know It All”. I wish I could avoid her, but now it’s late and so I gave her a reluctant smile and she also smiled back reluctantly. I always knew she secretly hated me and so did I, who cares. I have my girls around me and I do not need some Guru to be with to become wise.

I wondered how we could have even become friends, had it not being for her husband, we would have never got along ever.

Manisha Bhattacharya
Finding a way to finally speak up