Allison Krause

Visual Designer in Dallas, TX



Task Pro

First time using far so good! I'm excited to learn more and dig a little deeper into what it can do!

I had a hard time coming up with a catchy app name...there a lot of really good names already being used! So I just deciede to keep it simple.

I'm really into "retro" color schemes right now so I went with what I llike to call Bel-Air Mint Green for the background with a subtle gradient and pattern fill. The icon is a contrasting Shag-Carpet Orange with the flat icon look that is oh-so popular now.

Still not 100% about the font...I may change it as I move along in the project.

Any and all comments or suggestions are welcome!

Thanks everyone :)

Progress Update:

My screens that I have made so far. Still have a few minor changes I would like to make but overall I'm pretty happy with how its coming along.





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