Task 2 - NEW english version -The transformation of a an empty Ford Transit van into a mobile living-, bed room....

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The transformation of a an empty Ford Transit van into a mobile living-, bed room....

Our dog pack has lately seen many changes. A set of wheels was therefore an absolute necessity, but unfortunately our old Transit didn‘t want to do what we wanted it to do any more. Hence we had to get a new one (apparently once a Transit, always a Transit!?)

Said and done - a new one was purchased - in Mars RED. If you want to be conspicuous - Do It Right!

Sisko is already testing...... the proportions

2L turbo diesel 125hp, medium wheelbase, medium roof, front and rear air conditioning and heater. As for the rest, we are now responsible ...

everything still looks quite empty

First we started with the insulation. Because we have no previous experience, we‘ve decided to go with caravan material.

In the front area, a bed (and maybe a little chemical toilet) are planned. For practical reasons, it will probably be a fold-up bed which cam be stored away during the trip.

In the back, we are planning built-in-dog-boxes, which can be opened from the inside or from the outside. So you can  let “muddy-wet or stinky dogs” into the boxes from the back of the car. And for all the other situations, feeding or whatever- they can come into the front of the „living room“.

So far the plan - unfortunately our health problems intervened, but this spring (the temperature must be just right for the adhesive) we‘ll continue :)

The current state is (now during this very cold winter the temperature inside has held wonderfully) that the insulation has partially been installed:

now parts of the roof will be insulated - then there is the question of panelling. Our opinions still differ on that part....

Therefore, it would be interesting to know, if you‘ve ever had a project like this? What are your experiences, and with WHAT did you cover the insides and / or - WHAT is a must have for a „mobile living room“ while traveling?

of course I will keep you updated with all new information about the ”Living Room on Wheels” and let´s see how everything will develop…….


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