Tasha Space Style

Tasha Space Style - student project

I like the discipline needed for this project. The rules I created for myself are easy to follow but I can’t say I Love the final results. So I took some of the elements that I liked from what I’ve created so far and played with them. Here are two results that I like. Ink, pencil, water color, textured backgrounds, hand made font. I’m committed to finishing my coffee table book and wondering if each piece needs to look so similar? Curious to get others’ thoughts on this.  Tasha Space Style - image 1 - student projectTasha Space Style - image 2 - student project


i finished my third one in the set. This time I made a font out of my handwriting which made it much easier to add text. Tasha Space Style - image 3 - student project



Here is the second one in the set. It was definitely easier as I was able to follow a process and stick to some rules. I also re-used the pattern from her scarf on the first one. I also found it was much easier to do the writing by hand and scan it versus doing it digitally. I am thinking of creating my own handwritten font using one of the apps and seeing how that works. 
Tasha Space Style - image 4 - student projectI Finished my “A” only 25 more to go, ha! But at least I worked out my process. Tasha Space Style - image 5 - student projectreference for Dadaism 

Tasha Space Style - image 6 - student project
Reference for coco Chanel and the Bob. Next Dadaism references and then I can start the thumbnailsTasha Space Style - image 7 - student project Tasha Space Style - image 8 - student projectBelow are my Art Deco fashion sketches from the reference photos that I gathered. Next I need to do some thumbnails. Tasha Space Style - image 9 - student projectBelow is my project plan. This will definitely be a stretch for me, as I am still learning to draw and tend to stick to single objects over a scene, however I am excited to try. The format I’m thinking is a picture book. ‘Les Annees Folles A to Z’ and will include some handwritten text that gives some context.



Tasha Space Style - image 10 - student project


Tasha Space Style - image 11 - student project
above is the self inventory. It was difficult after doing the inspiration exercise because all I wanted was to be able to do what the others can do but it was also good to reflect. 




Below Uploading the first assignment! Really glad you made us go down the rabbit hole.  Tasha Space Style - image 12 - student projectTasha Space Style - image 13 - student projectTasha Space Style - image 14 - student projectTasha Space Style - image 15 - student project