Tasha Goddard Style Class

Tasha Goddard Style Class - student project

And here are all of my 26 together. Wow! This has been such a fun project. 

Tasha Goddard Style Class - image 1 - student project


Things I learnt... 

1. If I'm going to do a daily drawing project, I need to pick simpler things as some of these took me hours! (Not that I didn't love those hours, but I do have some limits to time.) So, I will be starting a new A to Z, this time of fruit and veg and just drawing one piece of each per day, but also doing a weekly room/scene that I will take my time taking from sketch to final, so I can dig into the detail more. 

2. Texture is not (currently - I know that style evolves and that this may change) for me (except for texture from mark-making and pattern). Some of the earlier ones had me going for it with the Procreate brushes and, while there is nothing wrong with them, as such, they don't feel as much like me. 

3. I do love drawing rooms and scenes (e.g. R is for reading, K is for kitchen, A is for attic, L is for laundry...) and adding little details, but they take TIME! 

4. I also love list-style pieces - e.g. T is for tea, U is for underwear, V is for vitamins... 

5. I really do need to work on my people! 

6. Colour is a big thing for me and I love making colourful pieces and having a colourful portfolio and Insta feed. 

7. I don't use much line, but I did actually really love the O is for oranges, where I needed to add some fine lines to the outlines of the oranges to separate them in the bowl. I think I'd like to explore adding more fine lines here and there going forward. 

8. Symmetry and pattern - it's fun to add some of this to an individual piece (e.g. I is for ink and M is for marmite) and allows me to incorporate pattern a bit more. (For my next A to Z I'm planning to use the pieces to make patterns, though. Initially some very simple ones and then possibly some mixed tossed patterns with a bunch of them.) 

9. Not sure I've quite nailed a style for the writing, yet, so need to work on that, as well. 


Thank you, Tom. Loved this class! 


Some thoughts on pilot four pieces

A was done in Photoshop on the Wacom and looks a bit different to the others which are all Procreate. B has overlapping and some lines that are a bit different to the others. I like it, but it does feel a bit different to the others and not sure if it’s an experiment that will stick. I think the second two look a bit more cohesive  and also feel ‘like me’, so I’ll probably aim to stick closer to those for style.

I’m loving the subject matter, so far. I enjoyed having the sketches ready to work from and have been doing the drawings in the evening, which is working well, except that I’m ending up staying up a bit late! I’ll need to do some more sketches for the next few, as I’m out now, but that will be fun and also interesting to see if I approach it differently after the pilot pieces.

Second two pieces

C is for Cuppa

Tasha Goddard Style Class - image 2 - student project


D is for Dinner

Tasha Goddard Style Class - image 3 - student project


First two pieces 


A is for attic

Tasha Goddard Style Class - image 4 - student project


B is for breakfast

Tasha Goddard Style Class - image 5 - student project



Theme: everyday life

Technique: drawing and painting digitally (Procreate, Photoshop, Fresco), to emulate / inspired by gouache & ink

Techniques / elements from inspiration: simplification, abstraction, occasional use of line, unexpected colour, pattern and mark making

Illustration types: spots, lists and scenes 

Audience: Instagram, but with eye on magazine illustration


Word list

A attic

B breakfast

C cuppa

D dinner 

E eggs

F flowers

G gin

H houseplants

I instagram

J jugs

K knitwear

L laundry

M marmite

N newspaper

O office

P Prosecco

Q quorn

R reading

S studio

T table

U underwear

V vitamin D

W washing-up

X xBox

Y yoga

Z zoom


Tasha Goddard Style Class - image 6 - student project

Inspiration Case Studies


Tasha Goddard Style Class - image 7 - student project


Tasha Goddard Style Class - image 8 - student project


Tasha Goddard Style Class - image 9 - student project