Targeting the right Hashtags

Targeting the right Hashtags - student project


I am Aniruddh Kothari, an advertising photographer. My USP is the fact that I am colourblind and in my market here people/clients get super fascinated with the fact that I jumble up colours. Ever since I started off as a photographer, I have been marketing myself as a Colourblind Photographer. The curiosity in people's heads is a great ice-breaker with clients. Also me being colourblind is not really a hurdle since retouching is something I outsource to my team. I am looking forward to establish myself as a young approachable photographer for the peers who could use a mentor in the industry and grow by themselves and at the same time work with agencies, brands and architects to create varied content via images, video and cinemagraphs.

As a photographer, there are 360 degrees to shooting anything in terms of perspective. My goal is to work with clients and ensure that my perspective isn't the same as a generic photographer in the market. It is very important for me to go the extra mile and deliver not only different but elegantly aesthetic results.

Being on Instagram actively for about 7 years now, I have never given the use of hashtags much importance. It was only until I recently posted some images (screenshot) with relevant hashtags and research, the insights blew my mind as compared to the images of bollywood celebrities that I had posted earlier this year. 

Since I cater to a couple different genres in photography, investing time in R&D for hashtags looks essential. At the moment, for the next couple posts on my feed, I am looking at putting out more real estate/architecture/interior design images. T

he tags for which that work really well for me at the moment are #Architectureelover #Architectures #ArchitectureDetail #ArchitectureGram #ArchitectureProject. These hashtags have my images featured at the Top and that's what I intend to keep it at by exploring more hashtags that are similar to not only Architecture but also Design

Aniruddh Kothari
Colourblind Advertising Photographer