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Target: City Love

Being a design student, I have a good amount of experience with Illustrator, but I am always open to learning new techniques so I was excited to take this class. 

I chose to replicate one of Allan Peters' Target ads. I am a huge fan of his designs and illustrations so I wanted to challenge myself in achieving his style. 

This is the ad: 

I started off with basic shapes, filling in the entire composition.

This is when I began looking at the colors. Most of the detailing seemed to be achieved using linear and radial gradients with opacity shifts, so slowly I began to add them in, starting with the ocean.

Detailing the whale was the same method and really tedious!

And finally, the smaller details and viola!

Overall, this was a lot easier than I had imagined. I learned a lot more about manipulating gradients and was pleased to see the final. There are some subtle differences, but overall I am satisfied! I am thinking of trying another one of his illustrations with different effects/typography. 


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