Target Audience / Narrative

Target Audience / Narrative - student project

• Target Audience: My target audience for my sneakers is women in their late teens to early thirties.

• Narrative: It’s pretty amazing how sneakers went from being worn by just athletes to now being available to everyone! Nowadays sneakers are as much about comfort and performance as they are about fashion and making a statement. These four qualities were the basic starting point for my sneaker design. Sneakers should be worn comfortably while showing off your own style. I wanted to create a sneaker collection that is something like an artistic representation or artistic biography depicted in sneaker form. The sneakers are like a canvas. Coming from an Indian background and being brought up in the U.S. I’ve been surrounded by a lot of different cultures including my own. My whole vision of India was based off of what I saw in movies and magazines, I instantly fell in love with the bright colors, fabrics and dance I saw. But not until recently when I went to India did I see the hardship and poverty in India. I want my sneaker collection to have the rawness and detailing that I see in the Indian culture. Indian culture is about having a good time even when times are rough. I want to show that in my sneakers. Life is a struggle but you can always make the best of a hard situation.

• My inspiration board and my sketch can be found here