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I decided to start this class on Monday, and if I had realized that I needed to have something in today, I might not have signed up! I was hoping to catch up on my Spring Break, which I'm still hoping to do, but all I had time to do today was watch the first video and set up the programs on my computer. If this means a "failing grade" on my first assignment, then I am sad but I will make up for it next week!

Basically, I want to do something that will be moderately simple to start but also social and connected to something I like, which is delicious cocktails. So I thought it would be nice to have an app where you could load up your liquor cabinet on your phone, and then take it with you when you went to pick up a bottle of wine, whiskey, vodka, or what have you. Basically: make a collection, make a wishlist, make a ranking system, and then possibly incorporate a social connectivity feature (if that's feasable). That's all I want it to do right now, but if I can figure out how to add cocktail recipes and a feature that says "if you had XXX you could make YYY," that'd be pretty much exactly what I would want it to do.

No fancy photo or logo or anything yet. Just an idea and a lot of free time on my schedule next week. I'll catch up to the rest of you soon, I hope!


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