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May Anuntarungsun



Tantra Sex Zine

Well, I started with 2 different metaphysical zine idea but hit a road block with content, drawing and writing. But then I am really inspired by these tantra books I've read by Osho lately, so I decided I can just take these good-ass quotes that blew me (my mind) and make turn them into my 1st zine. That kind of put the pressure off of me from writing well and drawing good pictures, not like I'm writing a real book or anything.


right now it's "Sacred Sex: Tantra Quotes for the horny & loving higher self"

• Not sure about the word 'free' if it comes off sleezy or flower power, but I use it in the association of liberation. Thoughts?


The font is Gotham and Head Case, made them celestial looking. 

The photos are from NASA website, and detail close up of the painting Garden of Earthly Delight by Bosch.

The concept of the cover page is that sex is used in tantra to turn the sexual energy, which is responsible for creativity, innovation, research, rebellion, and life for higher purposes, to no longer just go horizontal but transcend into verticle. Sex and meditation are parallel, and to go into it, with love, playfulness,friendship is to transcend into the divine, like having a heart-to-heart relationship with existence. 


I only had some crayons because I was with a 3 year old.

Here's more content of the book. Just trying to curate them into a good order, and having a title for each quote.


I want to add more & play with more pictures. Maybe drawings. I don't know anymore. I kind of dread printing things and I don't have a printer.

• Any suggestion where I can print this back-to-back in Brooklyn?


I believe this zine will be 8.5x5.5, but if it's smaller that would actually be great, I'll have to see.

Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you wonderful human beings!


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