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Tangled up in you

I've been working on my lattering for a year now. Cursive and calligraphy are still a challenge for me, and this course was a big help in the process. Lots of practice still to do.

I'm not working on a logo, so I chose a phrase instead.

I keep a notebook of interesting things I think of, and flipping through it to find a line to work with I came across "tangled up in you". Seemed like a good fit.

Here are my initial little "sketches"

Bigger sketch. I have problems determining the right stroke widths and keeping them consistant with each letter. 

Final inked sketch san gridlines.

I realized some of the word spacing was off and that the L is at a weird angle. Did my best to fix those in PhotoShop.

Here's the final piece, isolated in black and touched up. Critcism welcome!



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