Anna Day

Calligrapher & Designer



Tangled Garden

I used three tangle patterns as inspiration for brushes.


However, I actually created more than three brushes. I don't have Illustrator, so I used my drawing program, Affinity Designer. It has two types of brush which can work for this sort of thing: Textured Image Brush and Textured Intensity Brush. Each seems to have advantages and disadvantages; I experimented with both to get various effects.

Classic Zentangle involves drawing patterns with a black fineliner pen and shading with pencil. I didn't attempt to emulate that in my brushes, but I first used them to draw a tangled garden using only black and grey on a white background.


Then I copied the image and used colour.


Which do you like best?

I learned a lot about creating brushes in Affinity Designer from researching and experimenting with them for this project. Thank you, Helen!


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