Terre T.

Collaborator for marketing and sustainability



Tampa bridges the past with the future

Tampa is a coastal city that is connected to the actual coastline by a series of bridges. The water surrounds you any time you travel outside downtown and is visible from roads approaching the airport, as they are elevated. The vastness of the water that is seen is what grounds me, and reminds me of why I stay in Tampa- despite all its shortcomings and corruption- which ironically is celebrated in keeping the legends alive that reference, organized crime, gangster politics and the earlier history of the displacement of native Americans by ruthless 'explorers'.

That being said, there appear to be some attempts to heal separations between cultures, acknowledging each others' contributions, and hopefully, encouraging the bridging that has to occur to keep our country growing in a sustainable way, instead of exploiting others life, liberty, and labour to further our own prosperity.


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