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Tampa Bay meets Cannery Row

This project is about the rebranding of a Major League Baseball teams identity - The Tampa Bay Rays.

I chose this team for no particular reason other than it being the first to pop in my head when I thought "who in baseball could really use a new brand?".

Looking at their short (for baseball) 15 year history we see how they went from this...

to this...

finally to this...

There have been color shifts...

and retro wildness...

But nothing that really represents the city, it's love of baseball or any combination therein.  Even the current Cap logo is rather generic. Not that being bland (I mean conservative) is a bad thing... 

None of these really say anything about the city, it's love of baseball or how they play it.  So to begin with I hope to try to structure a story to hang the new designs on the region, the team's philosophy and merge them into a story based design.  Visually I am looking to use designs like this...


or this  

or some elements from here...

In the vision phase of any project - I always layout design rules and goals in advance to use as a measuring device to help clarify for the stakeholders (there is a reason they are callled stakeholders - ever see the end of a Dracula movie?) what the brand is meant to do.  This in theory keeps the design consistent as it goes through never ending Review and Revisions.

In truth a major design effort is a collaborative one and involves salesmanship, draftsmanship, marketing saavy, and above all great storytelling.

Design Goal #1 - Can the fan see that there is in fact a STORY going on here?  

To me story trumps everything.  More important than the trendiest, coolest, wickingest, lightwieght fabrics. More important than the finest Iconography on the planet. None of it matters if it is not supported with story. I place the story right up there with oxygen in a branding project.

The deciders on major branding projects rarely choose a brand because the logo is stunning, or the uniform design is radicaly stupefying.  Story allows them to inject themselves into the vision and react (hopefully) in a positive way about it. Fundementally it is the story you are pitching.

Design Goal #2 - Will this design be seen as fresh in 20 years?

This is the appeal to the design team - aim for greatness - not clevernes or it's evil twin plagerism. A good design has legs.  It's staying power is based on it's relationship to the story. The design should appear to look like it has always been there, a part of the game.  The goal here is to be "Elegantly simple and simply elegant".  

This may fly in the face of uniform centric companies who specifically target a segment of the youth market and hawk their products with hideously garish "look at me" stylings that upon further review - are telling a worse story than the brands they were designed to replace.

Design Goal #3 -  Does the story match the marketing campaign?

Sounds silly to list this as a major goal, but I have witnessed many projects destroyed by bad rollouts or similar bad marketing techniques (ever see the trailers for John Carter?).  I suppose I could have made this introduction a whole lot shorter by saying  -  Everything better connect to the story or you're fired.

Next up... The story.  Or why your current branding sucks and needs a makeover.

First up the Cap Logo.  

The Cap features a beveling that allows for a dynamic look that is still conservative as most baseball iconography is.

The colors remain the same save for the addition of shades of blue and white for beveling illusion.

Here is a concept for a Mascot Logo to go on the sleeves of Home and Away Jerseys.

The Home Jersey features an off white (cream) jersey set that shows off the bevel effect again. 

And a Blue with Silver metal outline on RAYS Lettering....

Here is the Batting Practice Jersey.

Sample Road Uniform Combinations.

And  Blue Jersey  Versions with and without bevel.

With beveling.

The  Uniforms in general....

My Goal was to combine known iconic elements of the Florida / Tampa Bay area and merge them to form a modern re-branding for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Thanks for your attention.


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