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Tamarin Monkey

Started off with an Emporer Tamarin (mustached monkey). Thought it needed a bit more interest, so I incorporated the mohawk mullet of the Cotton Headed Tamarin. 

Started out with a simple design. Printed it out, refined it by hand about 3 times. 

Ended up with something that looked a little too...friendly. Experimented with the eyes, but couldn't find anything I liked. Gorillas have that prominent and expressive brow ridge so I went with those. 

I think the design and  colors are a bit too complex on this one. Still having a difficult time allowing myself to simplify things. Anyways, the finished product is a the bottom. Used a tilt-shift blur. 

Fun project. I enjoyed watching the process, thanks for taking the time to walk us through. Planning on doing another one that looks more like a graphic than an illustration. 



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