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Tamara Murray

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Tamara's Photo Editing

Here's the before portrait of my sister and my dog:

Here's the after portrait after doing some cropping/straightening and working on the colors:

Next, here's the before photo of the landscape:

Here's the after photo of the landscape after doing some cropping/straightening and working on the colors:

Feedback appreciated! I'm feeling OK about the colors and the crops, but I'm wondering about the image quality in general so far. The portrait in particular looks like it could be a lot sharper, but perhaps it's because I shot these with an iPhone?

OK, here are some updates with layers/gradients/clone stamping... Also changed the crop on the portrait.

I think the big difference for both of these was getting more color in. They both looked a bit washed out/overexposed in the beginning.

OK! Here are the finals... Dodging is my new favorite thing. It made a big difference on the portrait, although I think I made one of her eyes look a little unnatural.

I'm not thrilled with the blur in this landscape -- I probably wouldn't include it if I could do it all over again, but I'm glad I played around with it!

Finally, here's the before and after of the image you asked us to correct.


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