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Megan Christmas

femme fatale - girl gang - lipsticked explorer



Tallulah Lost - Etsy Shop & Blog


My name is Megan. I run an etsy shop called Tallulah Lost. I'd love to expand my shop theme through my blog, but I find myself floundering as I need a more clearly defined brand and strategy.

What I love about my online business is that it allows me so much freedom. I'd love to expand my online presense so I can travel and explore my passions without being tied down to a 9-5.

Defining my Business:

I sell patches and buttons for femme fatales and girlgangs. I'm really interested in how modern technology has shaped the old-timey concept of a girl gang like The Pink Ladies in Grease. I love how women from all over the world can connect online and form a sisterhood based on common interests and obsessions.



I really want to focus on the fun, dress up aspect of girl gangs and how it combines with fangirling and sharing one's passions. I'm very into comics and pop culture and would really like a logo and larger body of work that reflects that.


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