Taller de Salud - My Professional Facebook Page for my new project

Hi there!

Thank you for the awesome course :O)

I already had some logo mock ups done in paper for my new Facebook (and soon webiste) project. This course gave me the push to finally choose one and finish the logo design today! 

The drawing in the logo is entirely designed and handmade by myself. I did it using: brown marker for the outlines, watercolours and watecolor paper.

The excution of the project went more or less as follows:

- I did it in Photoshop (I dont have Illustrator, unfortunately)

- I used one of the watercolor templates given in the course. I kept it as it is.

- I cut out the logo in a rough manner and pasted it on top of the watercolor template.This was to give a more active, participative and handmade dynamic to the logo, given that the page name "Taller de Salud" means something like "Health Workshop".

- I added the type needed for the Page Name and the Descriptor. The Descriptor is something like "notes and learnings from a naturopathy student"


And I hope you like it! :O) Find my Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/tutallerdesalud/?fref=ts

Take care,



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