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Babs Reh

textile artist



"Tall is a four letter word"

In the beginning, I didn't really know what to make this zine about, but then I got this idea of illustrating #tallgirlproblems like too short pants and sleeves. That lead to "Why are you wearing heels?". Which tall girls seem to always get asked when they do and a compilation of my favorite high heels which I sadly never wear, cause I don't want to be called out on my height.

I then decided that I didn't want the message of my zine to be whining about having a chip on my shoulder for being tall. Instead I tried to focus on what I would want to tell the people who seem to have this standard reaction to tall girls. 

I went through several interations of content and illustration and some things seemed to stick while others got discarded.

I really enjoyed the process of making several editions and getting closer and closer to the message I wanted to share.

My main concern is that it ended up being very text heavy, I don't feel secure enough in my illustration skills (yet) to rely on them to transport my message, I'm much more comfortable with words.

I'm contemplating making a German version to actually put it out there in my city, most people probably would understand the English version though.

At first, I had difficulties letting go of my perfectionism, wanting to change the font size of different words and such. But at some point I just didn't want to do redo it again, because there was so much I liked about it. And now even the typos don't bother me anymore. I even feel like mistakes add something to the handmade feel, I love that about zines.

I left the back side blank for now, because I just didn't have anything to add and wasn't sure what to put there to compliment it visually.


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