Facundo Aspitia

Illustrator, Ignorant Philosopher



Tall Latte with a side of scrambled thoughts please!

My name is Facundo (fa - koon - doh), aka Fa', and I'm am an aspiring artist from Argentina, but I currently live in sunny Florida. I'm 30 years old and like everyone else taking this class, I am facing some major organization problems.

Not only are these problems affecting my productivity as an artist, they're also affecting my life in general. I work 40+ hours a week, Monday - Friday at a job that physically and mentally drains me. Some weeks I am forced to work overtime, including Saturdays. I have to divide the little time and energy I have left between personal relationships and artistic development, which neither get the time and attention they should.

As a result of this absolute chaos, I have found myself with no solid portfolio of artwork to showcase, a relationship with the person I love becoming very stressful, and 30 years of life with no major accomplishments.

My Goal :

Organized Life = Clear Mind = Strong Creative Flow = Impressive Portfolio =  Respected Artist


Organized Life = Less Stress = Stronger Relationships = Happy Girlfriend = Happy Fa'

Respected Artist + Happy Fa' = A life worth being proud of.

I want to be a respected artist.
I want to be happy.
I want a life that I'm proud of.

I'm ready to achieve these goals.
I'm ready to organize my life.

Here is my diagnostic results:


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