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Talking Birds


"I always sulked about how everyone leaves me. Maybe some do leave, but maybe I let others go.

Maybe they would have stayed if I'd held on a little tighter... Maybe they would have stayed if I'd held a little looser...

But how do you know how tightly to hold?

Do the things you truly love really come back to you?"

* * *

Natsu is a cynical teen with no father and a mentally ill mother. Life is a broken record and he’s content with being alone.

Things start to change when he meets a boy who claims to talk with birds.

Things take a nosedive when tragedy strikes.

Natsu is forced not only into a new life, but into a new body.

Three important questions set the stage for this new existence: Who is Natsu? Who does Natsu want to be? And what does Natsu need to be happy?

A coming of age story with a supernatural twist.

People of all ages, especially young adults, will identify with Natsu's struggles during his journey. Readers will be left with glimmers of the beauties in life and hope.


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