Talk about the weather

Talk about the weather  - student project

This is my first mockup. I'm not the best drawer by hand, so I just used photoshop, which for me flows much easier. 

Talk about the weather: weather you can share. It's raining and you're worried that the your friend, who always gets up later than you do, won't check the weather, so you email it to him. Talking about the weather is a culturally accpeted way to break the ice and chit-chat. This app helps people break the ice and get a conversation started by talking about the weather. 


- Tells you the weather
- Allows you to share the weather on facebook, twittter, email so you can talk about it with friends.
- Gives you 6 day forecast
- plus icon on top right allows to add more cities, scroll to more cities by gesture 
- menu icon on top left lets you choose which cities you display temp

Design: Simple, easy to read numbers and icons. Flat UI design. Talk about the weather  - image 1 - student projectTalk about the weather  - image 2 - student projectTalk about the weather  - image 3 - student project