1. Company and team description:

Writing a good script is hard, getting it produced is even harder. TalentFont is an online platform dedicated to artist discovery and engagement, specifically focused on screenwriters and playwrights. We are LinkedIn for the artist community, empowering artists to showcase their talents, interact with colleagues and industry professionals, receive feedback and participate in conversations about their work online.

Brett Lacher (Managing Director) is a startup enthusiast with former experience in venture capital and private equity. Brett is actively involved in the startup community here in NYC. Brett graduated cum laude with a BSE from the University of Pennsylvania.
David Stoller (Chairman) is currently Chairman/CEO of r4e, a media and advertising company focused on theatre, film and live entertainment. David is a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits and extensive knowledge of the artistic world, including an advisor to ArtSpan, an online discovery platform for contemporary artists.

2. What differentiates us:
See page 6 of attached deck.

3. Deck link below (first link is my slides & notes, which might help when looking through deck as it was built as a presentation, not something to be read / second link just contains the slides).



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