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Takwa Bay's wave band.

There are not too many affordable exquisite spots here in Lagos (Nigeria), but Takwa bay is definitely one delightful site to visit. And it's not just the space but the time. Takwa bay is best visited at night, for that is when it is most enchanting.

I remember my last visit to Takwa bay and how I did not wish to return home when morning came. It was almost magical, I'll try a little to relate it to you in this short poem...

It was scary late

but with friends, late was safe

we did it on purpose,

staying over late you see

our lids, our guides,

but they too had to be shut tight.

The rhythms begin softly,

as Takwa bay chants her welcome to you...

Suddenly, her horses charge madly at you!

My lids popped open then...

But they dissolve again

just as softly as they had risen.

"We aren't fighting then?"

"Not at all", she chimed in her cheeriest tone and continued to chant away...

"There's more to see, you see,

But you are not allowed to merge realities"

A waltz begins,

a crazy African dance takes over!

"Bravo!", I scream

This sea is having a ball, haha!

& the wind,

oh the wind is their grand pianist...

and these went on and on,

till day's dawn began to yawn...

My dear friend(s), I really can not put my experience to words. But if you do visit Lagos, grab a couple of friends and stop over at the Takwa bay. The wave band will be there, wating to welcome you right before dusk.


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